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Manchaca Service Center Tire Rotation

How often should I rotate my tires?

Tires should be rotated every 6000 miles, or every other oil change. Not rotating your tires on a regular basis can result in premature tire wear.

Timing Belt

Do I really need to replace my timing belt at the suggested interval?

YES. Failure of a timing belt can result in major engine damage. You will save money replacing the timing belt instead of having to repair an engine with a broken timing belt, which can be very expensive.

Manchaca Service Center Check Engine Lights

My “check engine” light is on, what does that mean?

There are many computerized components and sensors that manage your engine’s emissions and performance. When there is an issue with one of these, the “check engine” light goes on. Your car may seem to run fine, but it is important to address the issue to prevent long-term problems.

What do I do if my car begins to overheat?

This can be a serious problem – if your car overheats for a long time, you can damage your engine. If this happens, find a safe place to pull off and turn the engine off!  Do not attempt to check fluid levels as the fluid will be burning hot and can cause severe burns. Have your car towed to the nearest auto repair facility. We offer towing service to our service center.

When should I change my oil?

Oil changes should be done every 3000 miles for regular oil or 5000 miles for synthetic oil.

My engine oil is milky brown, why is that?

Milky brown engine oil means there is coolant in the oil. This can be caused by a failed transmission cooler, a blown gasket, or cracked casings. This is very serious and must be checked by a technician immediately.

Manchaca Service Center Car Battery

How do I check if my car battery has a good electrical connection?

Cables on your battery as well as terminals should be inspected and cleaned periodically to ensure a good electrical connection.

Is synthetic motor oil a good choice for my vehicle?

Synthetic motor oils can be good  for high output or supercharged engines. It can also be good for vehicles that are used for towing as well as vehicles that operate in very hot or cold climates. Even though synthetic motor oils are more expensive than mineral-based oils, they can improve fuel economy and longer intervals between changes.

When does my car’s fuel filter need to be replaced?

Replace your car’s fuel filter every 30,000 miles or as recommended in the vehicle’s owner’s manual.

When do my spark plugs need to be changed?

For peak engine performance and maximum fuel economy, spark plugs should be replaced every 30 months (or 30,000 miles).

Burned Fuse
What should I do if I need to replace a burned out fuse?

Always use replacement fuses of the same amperage (info printed on the fuse).  If a fuse continues to blow,  make sure to have the circuit checked by our technicians for defects.

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