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Manchaca Service Center has been servicing Austin, TX since 1985.  We offer full service general auto repair to any vehicle. Wanting you to be completely comfortable with knowing what you vehicle needs are, we will explain everything to you that needs to be done in detail.  Being a company who strives on integrity, you can rest assured that your vehicle will be fixed properly and economically.

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When looking for radiator repair, come to Manchaca Service Center.
We replace radiators!

Radiator Repair
We search around to get the best radiator for your vehicle – the best warranties/ longest warranties, and the best pricing. Standard warranties are 12 months or 12K miles while some can be up to 2 years. We always try to find the best option for your vehicle.

At Manchaca Service Center, we replace and/ or repair a lot of radiators due to the Texas summer heat where many radiators will crack or overheat. This is also true for winter time. If the correct anti-freeze is not put in the engine, the radiator will crack and need to be repair or replaced. This is a common problem that we are able to help with.

If your vehicle is un-drivable due to a broken radiator (or any other issue), we offer a wrecker service to bring it in to the service center.  At the shop, we conduct a pressure test to ensure that the radiator is leaking.  We will then give you a call to confirm the pricing and time needed to replace it.  We will get your vehicle back to you all fixed up and get you on your way!

Brake Repair
Brakes are one of the most important parts of your vehicle.  Brake problems are common… Many people drive around with their air conditioning and radio on and are unable to hear when the brakes are needing replacement.  Most brake pads have wear indicators that make a high pitched squeal which is an indicator that you need new brake pads.  If left unchanged, the brake pads end up into the metal on the rotors.  Keep yourself and your family safe by getting your brakes checked regularly.  You will also avoid paying more money in the future if they are not maintained.

At Manchaca Service Center, we see destroyed brakes all the time.  This is a quick, easy repair.  Brakes are one of our favorite fixes and all of our mechanics are very experienced with them, so we can get you in, out, and back on the road in no time!

Brake Options
There are many different types of brake options… from money saving brakes to noise resistant brakes to ultra-premium brakes.  We like to offer a mid-grade ceramic pad that has a lifetime warranty for noise resistance.  Once we get these brake pads on your vehicle, it is very rare that you’ll ever need to come back for issues with your brakes again!

We replace pads, resurface rotors, replace rotors, replace calibers (which can wear out in older vehicles), brake hoses, master cylinders, and brake boosters. We also work on anti-lock brake systems. We do all that kind of work at Manchaca Service Center.

Timing Belt
For your timing belt, the dealer recommends every 60K, 90k, and 120k for normal maintenance.  A timing belt is just a rubber belt like your drive belt.  When it gets old, it gets hard and cracked and you need to replace it.  Timing CHAINS are different… with timing chains, you do not have to replace them with regular maintenance and only need to if they go out.  This only happens when a vehicle has many miles on it.  We are able to help you with both your timing belt and your timing chain, should the need arise.

Timing belt jobs are fairly labor intensive and are usually a minimum 2 hours, but can take up to 6 hours depending on your type of vehicle.  In order to change your timing belt, we usually have to pull the front of the motor off, taking out the drive belts, the air compressor, as well as the power steering pump.   When we do this, we make sure to look at the tensioners, outer pulley, the water pump, and the crank seals to see if any of them need replacement so that your new timing belt will work correctly.  Because it is so labor intensive to do the timing belt, we always suggest changing out anything that the timing belt depends on while we are in there to save you money in the long run.

At Manchaca Service Center, we always walk you through every service to let you know exactly what is needed so that you understand how things are working.

Advantage to Getting Timing Belt Done at Manchaca Service Center
There are many advantages of taking care of your timing belt with us as opposed to the dealership.  One is that we will be more economical.  Dealerships will try to oversell you on things that you may not need.  Our reputation is built on being honest and fair.  We will not try to sell you something that you do not need.  We treat every customer’s vehicle like we’re working on our own car.  We like to build a rapport with customers so when you bring your vehicle to us, you will get an honest estimate in which we will let you know what you should or should not do at the time of service to save you money in the long run.  We will make it very clear what we will be doing, why we are doing it, how it will help your vehicle, and if it makes economic sense for you to do it now as opposed to later.  We also want to fix you up completely the first time so you do not have to come back unnecessarily.

Make sure to check your timing belt every 60k, 90k, and 120k because if your timing belt brakes, your vehicle will completely brake down and this will lead to a very costly repair.

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